erin. twenty-seven. west virginian. rat mother. vegetarian. feminist. role-player. writer. ba in psychology. bs in life. i'm into teen wolf, orphan black, the newsroom, the avengers, arrow, doctor who, and supernatural. also other things.
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i let this one lapse too much tbqh and was annoyed by my own tagging format so aNYWAY if you’re still interested in following me, that’s where i’ll be!!!

COME JOIN SANGUINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world

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Zoe Saldana for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (September 2012)

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teen wolf cast + nicknames

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"Write women who are friends with each other. Write women who get along with each other. Write women who love each other. Write a woman who has a moment of weakness and finds support from another woman. Write women who fight for each other. Write women who find strength in each other. It’s so important." (x)

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